6 Simple Steps to Getting Started


Introduction Phone Call

Our introduction call allows us to understand scope, commitment and success factors of a project before embarking. This saves everyone time and money. We start with a phone call to determine if we are the right fit.


Follow Up Meeting

After the first call we like to circle around for a follow up call. We use a checklist that allows us to talk about things that a typical consultant misses. Things like business scenarios, data privacy, data sharing, users, groups and other applications.


Proposal & Presentation

Our proposals are extremely transparent where we break down the specific use case that the client needs, and the price to fulfill that use case. We also hold ourselves and the client to specific deadlines to make sure both teams are committed.


Project Implementation

This is the part of the project during which we deploy our team of experts to implement your solution according to best practices. Throughout this time, weekly updates will be provided to make sure we are on the same page.


Kick-Off Meeting

Our project kick-off template focuses on ownership and tasks meaning we specifically learn who in the project is important (Champions) and when they will have to complete certain tasks.


Project Hand Off

Every project has a commitment from our team to provide premium support post the installation. We believe that proper follow-through is required for each project. We check in with you once per quarter and make sure everything is moving smoothly.