• Integration of 

    Zoho & Tally

    There are certain situations where you'll need to export all your accounting and inventory data from Zoho Inventory to Tally, whether for audit purposes or other reasons.

    The Zoho Inventory to Tally extension enables you to migrate all your data in just a few clicks. Convert all your sales, purchase, and manual journals. Export customized data based on your needs using filtering.

Key Features

  • Convert data in three easy steps — Enable users to convert data in three easy steps- Select, Import and Export to Tally for all sales, purchase, and manual journals.
  • Automatic master data conversion — Automatically convert all the master data like customer details, vendor details, item list, account chart, item category, and item unit.
  • Data filtration — Customize the migration process by selecting filter options like date, Zoho Inventory status, sales, purchase, etc. If you use a date filter, it will automatically select the starting date based on the previous migration.
  • Integrate data for multiple branches and organizations — Convert data for all the branches and organizations configured in Zoho Inventory.